Teach WiggleWaggle

Interested in becoming a WiggleWaggle Animator? You are in for a lot of fun!

We are looking for Animators throughout the UK, and are currently filming and building a TOTALLY online course for you to get qualified. No previous experience or qualifications are necessary. You just need to sparkly and love spending time with little children and their families! 

Teaching WiggleWaggle is a different kind of life.

  • You work AROUND your commitments
  • You are paid your real worth
  • You have fun EVERY day

You work for yourself, but feel looked after There is always someone to help. Those Sunday night ‘back to work’ blues become a thing of the past. Juggling childcare stops being an issue as YOU choose when to work. This is about you, your life, your happiness. Why should you do anything that doesn’t make you jump of joy,or collapse with giggles.

Not everyone can do this – but many people are really suprised to find that they are ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT at it. You don’t have to be an expert at singing or dancing. You just have to love children and love fun. We’ll show you the rest.

TRY THIS WiggleWaggle Profit Estimator. Just point your cursor to class size, click and change the number to see what happens to your PROFITS.

You can also change the price and the number of classes. WOW!


Nerd Details (What you’ll need)

Training takes place wherever and whenever you can fit it into your life.You will need: | Daily access to the internet via laptop/mac/pc Skype (download it from www.skype.com)| A means to video yourself (in the meantime, practice uploading files to YouTube – you can set it to Private) A Facebook Account (even if you only use it for WiggleWaggle) | iTunes (download from iTunes.com).

What do I get?

  • Your full online training resources.
  • Training and operational manual.
  • Trademark rights.
  • Your own page on our website listing your classes.
  • Your own professionally produced interactive Facebook page
  • Inclusion on your own support group with access to personal advice and help with every aspect of your WiggleWaggle classes/business (which our Animators find is the secret to their success).
  • Very detailed teaching feedback on your activity delivery both in an optional video assessment – with an action plan for development to make you even MORE sparkly.
  • A detailed action plan to get you up and running fast – however part or full time you want to work.After a low one-off training fee of £347, a license fee of just £47 per month is payable for our full brand and business support.  And our love. There is a lot of love involved.
  • And we tell each other lots of jokes….but back to the subject. 

Looks great! What do I do next?

  1. Click Below on “Start My Training
  2. Choose your payment method
  3. We send you e-sign agreements
  4. You train
  5. You launch your classes
  6. We help you every step of the way!

Any questions? Get in touch