After Time

After Time Activities

Or you could…

  • Make some playdough and use cutters
  • Decorate some biscuits and eat them
  • Colour paper and make into planes that you fly
  • Have magazines to practise cutting and collaging
  • Have the children draw around you on a massive piece of paper then all colour you in!
  • Make paper snowflakes
  • Make pasta necklaces
  • Finger painting (for the brave)
  • Potato Printing (as above)
  • Autumn collage with leaves and twigs
  • Feely box!
  • Rice crispy chocolate cakes
  • Make a group paper chain
  • Lining paper wall mural.
  • (Summer) outdoor floor chalking
  • Make shakers from plastic cups and rice
  • Face / Arm Painting (mums join in)
  • Self portraits with mirrors
  • Bingo
  • visit for more great ideas
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Colour a farm scene Make a house colouring
Colour the rocker Scotland funsheet
Cutting fansheet Shake funsheet
Disco colouring Tea funsheet
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